Saturday, 2 March 2013

It all has to start somewhere......

Sunday Morning,

My weekend with my teenage son.  Does he wake up any reasonable market time??  NO!!

Finally made it to Frankston Market just after midday, when all the stuff has been picked over, but still found a couple of displays... 
A canister girl like me just loves displays like this - of course all that hot sun will be slightly re-shaping them, but the weather is not something you can predict. I asked permission from the stall holders before taking photos - they are quite happy to share in the hope that other collectors will flock to their stall next week and buy up all their stock!!
(I'm not that popular yet, but it's nice to think I could be a trend-setter at this age!!)

dig the design on the breadbox

I'm a collector who loves to share knowledge - I'm never impressed by dealers or stall holders, or indeed, other collectors who guard their information like prized gold.  How can we expect to encourage new collectors without imparting some of the information we have???

I did find one bargain on a stall as I was leaving - How cute is this??

Time for Tee ??
The tees are wooden and the style of the bag makes me think Pan-Am era - of course I could be wrong, but it's just the right size to hold my wallet and mobile phone!  Made in the Philippines and the vinyl is in quite reasonable condition...

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