Friday, 27 March 2015

My mid-century Buffet and more

My buffet - found on ebay - weighs a ton. Stamped inside the cutlery tray: "Australian Labour Only"
It was made circa 1957 in Huntingdale Vic. I don't know the wood, but it smells delightful. Cast bronze handles in boomerang shape. Too big for a home, but right size for an office boardroom. The only letdown for me, is the poxy laminate top. I'm not restoring this, but rather giving it a makeover - with fabric covering the drawers and doors, a coordinating paint job over the wood (shhh... I'm not into restoring this - I'm not that dedicated) and painting the laminate top as well. 


The chair, a Wrightbilt Selectamatic was found on a naturestrip - I asked the owner before I picked it up. That will be re-upholstered in fabric and re-painted to match the buffet. .....L.O.V.E. the shape of the arms... 

then there is my telephone table.......I originally was going to go green - and got a free powdercoat, but will work it out once I get the fabric that will tie all three items together...

 Yes and collection of 1972 Green Soreno glass inside buffet, some 1934 pink glass on top of the buffet, with a couple of politically incorrect little black boy bobble heads , a 1965 bark painting, wooden horse, a B-52's 12" 45 (a present for my B-52 birthday) and a whopping huge print of tulips that I fell in love with at the oppy a year or so ago. (still has not made it onto the purple wall of my rented unit, because I have to apply to put another hook to hold it up!)

This is the fabric I'm thinking of using to coordinate this all together....covering the drawers and door of the buffet, picking possibly the mustard colour to paint the buffet and chair, upholster the chair in either lime or dark chocolate, painting the buffet top turquoise or lime, upholster the telephone table with this fabric, and using remnant fabric to patchwork a cushion for the chair.
I've just got to save up and work out if I should get 2 yards or 3 - then to get it posted to Australia....
Late night concept of how the buffet could look!