Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Retro Girl on Tour

Having a couple of weeks on holiday - what does this Retro Girl do?  First thing to check out in any of the country towns I stop at... the Op Shop.. 
Sadly though, many shops are now weeding out their wares, and trying to display a more boutique approach.   That just won't do...  I love weeding through the piles of miss-matched crockery. 
I do however, try to contribute a little bit to each community I visit.

Today, bliss of bliss - I found a shop dedicated to the love of RETRO !

THE RETRO SHOP in Finley, in Southern New South Wales... heaven on a stick!

Bec, the owner is knowledgeable about her topic and has a wide selection of well displayed items for sale.

It is always lovely to find items priced reasonably and correctly labelled.  Part of my slightly obsessive nature, is that I cannot stand to see items with an incorrect tag.  I feel that if the wrong information is passed on, that could dissuade a future collector.

You can find Bec and her shop on Facebook.  Better still, if you are in the area..... call in and see for yourself!!

On another's my latest purchase :  A beautiful green art-glass vase.  It is hand blown and a tree is formed on either side.   Sweet!   It may not be very old, but something about it called to me from the dark recess of the stallholders stand

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